A dedicated St. Louis County player of the $100 Million Cash Bonanza Scratchers game has bagged a staggering $100,000 prize after purchasing a ticket at Schnucks store on 15425 Manchester Road in Ballwin. The win comes after he had been playing this particular game for a significant time.

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He Didn't Even Scratch The Game Ticket

In a twist of fun, the player initially checked the winning ticket's barcode in the store while leaving the play area unscratched.

"I usually take the tickets home to my wife and let her scratch them, but I decided to check it first before I left," he explained.

He Took The Ticket To His Wife

To his delight, he discovered that he had secured the substantial $100,000 prize. Choosing to prank his wife, he presented her with the ticket without revealing he had already confirmed the win.

“So, I decided to trick my wife. I left it unscratched and left it for her,” he said. “She scratched it off and about broke my neck grabbing my neck and screaming so hard!”

The couple has not yet revealed what they will do with the money.


$100 Million Cash Bonanza

Since its launch, the $20 game $100 Million Cash Bonanza has made winners out of players with over $79.9 million won to date. An astonishing $32.7 million still awaits to be claimed in unclaimed prizes, including two top prizes of $4 million and seven $100,000 rewards.

Meanwhile, the lottery has greatly benefited the local community, with St. Louis County residents bagging over $207.7 million in Missouri Lottery prizes in FY23. Retailers received a handsome amount of over $20 million in commissions and bonuses. Additionally, the Lottery contributed more than $76 million towards educational programs in the county.

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