Mississippi residents are being alerted to a massive recall of a commonly used medicine that may be in your cabinet right now. A potential microbial contamination of this medication has sparked this warning, which is nothing to take lightly. The potential for serious, even fatal infections is heightened when such contaminations occur.


What Popular Medicine Is Being Recalled In Mississippi For Microbial Infection?

The affected medicine in question is Robitussin Honey CF Max Adult Daytime in the 4 and 8oz. size, as well as the nighttime Robitussin Honey CF Max Adult in the 8oz size. The FDA issued a stern warning emphasizing the grave danger of microbial contamination, particularly for immunocompromised people who are often reliant on such cold and flu medicines.


How Do You Know If Your Mississippi Medicine Cabinet Has The Recalled Robitussin?

For Mississippi in particular, people must scrutinize their medicine cabinets to see if they are housing the tainted Robitussin. To determine this, they should inspect the back of the bottle and look out for the lot number, comparing it with those listed in the FDA's recall announcement.

(Check the back of the bottle for the lot number, and make sure it is not listed here.)


Apart from this recall, the incident also underscores the need for people to clear out expired medicines in their homes. Aging medications not only decrease in their effectiveness over time, but their risk of being contaminated rises significantly.

If anyone begins to experience symptoms or has doubts about their health status after consuming this medicine, it's important to promptly contact your primary care physician. Public health agencies continue to closely monitor this situation, and timely medical attention could prove to be lifesaving in this scenario.

What Should You Do If You Have The Recalled Robitussin In Your Home?

Haleon, the maker of Robitussin, released this info,

"Please call our Consumer Relations team at +1-800-245-1040 (Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time) or reach out via email to mystory.us@haleon.com."
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