The Quad City Storm have had a franchise-record season. For the first time ever, the team has made playoffs, and this past weekend played a game in front of their first sold-out crowd. The Quad Cities are definitely behind the Storm, and now there's a new way to show you're a fan.

For a limited release, the Mississippi River Distilling Company has wrapped their famous Cody Road Barrel Old Fashioned with a special label featuring the Quad City Storm logo.

These bottles are very limited, so you'll need to get out there as soon as possible to get yours. Bottles are priced at $32 per bottle.

Mississippi River Distilling Company's website describes  "This bourbon is made form a mash of 70% corn from Le Claire, 20% wheat from Reynolds, IL and 10% unmalted barley from Davenport, IA. It is aged for two years in newly charred 30 gallon oak barrels, about half the size of a traditional whiskey barrels at a lower proof than typical."

Mississippi River Distilling Company opens its store at noon today, and you should get there as soon as possible if you're wanting one of these.

For more info, check out their Facebook page, or you can see their website.

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The Quad City Storm are Playoff bound!


As the regular season finishes up three games on the road, one against Vermillion County Bobcats and two against the Peoria Rivermen, the finalizing of the playoffs will be done, and we'll know who the Storm are up against in Round 1.

As it sits, the teams going to playoffs are the following:

  • Knoxville Ice Bears
  • Huntsville Havoc
  • Peoria Rivermen
  • Fayetville Marksmen
  • Quad City Storm
  • Pensacola Ice Flyers
  • Evansville Thunderbolts
  • Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs

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