There's a 99-year-old woman in Minneapolis named Millie Wall who's been a huge Minnesota Vikings fan since their first season in 1961. She's watched them play in four Super Bowls, and has never seen them win.

Obviously she's frustrated, but has a good sense of humor about it. Millie even has a fake brick made of foam that she throws at her TV when they're not playing well. She tied a string to it a while back, so she doesn't have to keep walking over to get it.

Like all Vikings fans, she's hoping this is their year. Plus she's really looking forward to their game against the Saints this Sunday. Because on Monday morning, about 30 of her family members showed up, and surprised her with a letter from the Vikings that said they've got two free seats reserved for her.

They posted a video of her reading the letter, and you can hear her whole family start cheering when she realizes what's going on. She's been to a few Vikings games before, but this will be her first playoff game.

She's giving her granddaughter the other ticket. It's not clear where their seats are, but the Vikings are sending them to the game in a limo. So it doesn't sound like they're taking the cheap route.


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