This morning, we had Miles Nielsen in-studio to talk about his upcoming show at Racoon Motel in Downtown Davenport.

Miles is the leading man of Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts. He's known best for his hits like Hands Up and Heavy Metal. 

He's also a part of a group called Nielsen Trust, the band made up of his family, with lead guitar played by his dad, Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen.

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Miles talked the stories of learning to play trumpet first, which eventually led to joining the jazz band - the place he first became interested in guitar.

"There was this kid who could play Sweet Child O' Mine and I thought 'I wanna do that.' Luckily, we had a guitar laying around at the house," Miles told us.

Believe it or not, he went and took lessons with a kid that lived down the street from him, and not who we all would assume to be the most obvious choice for a teacher.

While he was here, he played us his rendition of a rock classic, and told us about playing in a band with his friends and family.

Hear his full interview below:

You can catch Miles Nielson and The Rusted Hearts at the Racoon Motel at 7pm on December 16th.

Tickets are available through Racoon Motel's website, for just $15 apiece.

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