Mike Tyson may be 54-years-old, but he's still terrifying. The guy just knocked out a shark last month!

As he gets ready for his 8-round exhibition Roy Jones Jr, more and more videos of Tyson training to get back to peak performance show that he still isn't to be messed with.

The most recent video, shared by KingsMMA's Rafael Cordeiro, shows Tyson in the ring with his trainer. During the exercise, Tyson is doing some speed training where he's dodging his trainer's swings and hitting him in the chest guard.

The video ends mid-reaction after Tyson lands a strong punch on his trainer's jaw.


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In August, Tyson appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, where he was asked how much fun he wanted to have with the fight.

Tyson replied with something as terrifying as watching his knockout videos, "“My definition of fun is broken eye sockets, broken jaw, broken ribs. That’s fun to me."

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