Here we go again, another celebrity throwing hands. On Wednesday, Former Professional Boxer Mike Tyson had a freakout on a plane leading him to repeatedly punch a man in the face.

Tyson was spotted flying to Florida from the San Francisco International Airport. Around 10:30 PM PT, the incident went down.

TMZ reported, A witness on the plane said, as he and his friend were boarding Tyson's flight ... the boxing legend was initially cool with them and the other passengers.

Mike's patience ran out when the guy started talking into his ear. Tyson told the man to chill, and when he did not "chill" Tyson started throwing punches at the man's face. The video shows Tyson punching the man several times. A witness said Mike walked off the plane right after throwing shots. In the video, blood is seen on the passenger's forehead.

The man with the now bloody head is shown making a frowny face. I would be sad too if Mike Tyson put the beatdown on my face... At least he still has both ears.

The man received medical attention after the incident and talked to the police about his experience. TMZ reached out to police, Mike Tyson, and JetBlue for comment, but no word has come back.

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