A Nebraska woman had been suffering from a chronic runny nose ever since she hit her head in a car crash back in 2013. She just found out she'd actually been leaking brain fluid the whole time.

Kendra Jackson has been to multiple doctors over the past few years and each one of them blamed her runny nose on allergies. If allergies cause your brain to leak out of your nose, then I'm never leaving the house again.

She says it was "like a waterfall" and that it would "run to the back of my throat." Kendra initially thought it was a cold, but became worried when symptoms never changed.

A visit to Nebraska Health finally diagnosed her condition correctly with a cerebrospinal fluid leak. Apparently she had half a pint of brain fluid leaking out.

A few weeks ago Kendra underwent brain surgery and doctors were able to plug up the leak. Using angled cameras and instruments, they went up the nostrils and through her nose.

Kendra is healing up and is relieved to not have to carrying tissues around anymore.

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