The Quad Cities are home to some really great musicians.

We're all familiar with the great cover bands that rock us each and every weekend but we also are blessed with some great songwriters.

Thursday, September 8, 2022, at the Village Theatre in Davenport, you can check out the showcase of amazing original music.


The Midwest CMO Writers' Round features original music and the stories behind them. This week check out Angela MeyerDanny GrauseJD Aguilera, @BanD Acoustic's Becky and Danny, and Ariel McReynolds.


I talked with the host, Monica Austin, about what to expect:

The writer's rounds are concerts. In the style of the "bluebird" in Nashville, loosely. The artists take turns talking a bit about a song before they play it.


So, basically, they'll all be on the stage at one time. Each artist takes a turn doing a song, VH1 Storytellers' style.

Generally, each artist does three songs and then we do an intermission where the audience can mingle with the artists, buy merch etc.




The participating artists are both local and regional. We've had people in from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nashville.  This week's out of town guest is from Ames, IA (Danny Grause).


The round happens on Thursday night, then the out of town guest stays at the The Merrill Hotel in Muscatine and plays a solo happy hour show in the hotel's outdoor green space Friday.


October 20th-22nd is the Midwest Country Music Organization Tour.  Monica was chosen as the artist to represent Iowa. In addition, She's finishing up the full album.

Participating artists are paid through donations by The Merrill Hotel, in Muscatine, Village Theatre, Midwest Country Music Organization and Maid With Paint.  All donations at the door will benefit The Community Partnership for Protecting Children.


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