Midwest Ale Works in East Moline has been open almost a year next to the Rust Belt and they've brought in a "ringer".

Our friend, Glenn Cole has joined the team as Director of Operations and is already shaking things up. Since opening, they've had plenty of great beer on tap and recently their own has grown in popularity.  In fact, their most popular beer is a “Kolsch” style beer they plan to can & distribute...but need a new name for it.

"Classic Kolsch", as it's known now, will have a new name and YOU could be the one to pick it.  Add your suggestion to the FB post (linked below) to be apart of QC Beer history.  In fact...the Quad Cities and the Midwest are how they are directing their rebranding so I'm guessing this could be a nice jumping off point for your entry.

Midwest Ale Works, located in East Moline at the Rust Belt, opened just under a year ago with their own beer hitting the taps even more recently. They add themselves to the list of ten breweries producing their own beer here in the Quad Cities, even more in the greater area, and five new brands planning on opening in the area by the end of 2020. With the temporary closure of not only their business, but the Rust Belt music venue due to Covid-19, the business decided to bring on some new team members and self-reflect on lessons learned in their first year of operations to establish the proper brand identity.


Glenn Cole, the new Director of Operations for the brewery is spearheading this new revamping of the Midwest Ale Works brand. He’s no novice, having been the Marketing
Director at Bent River Brewing and more recently the Head Brewer at Geneseo Brewing.


“We’ve been open almost a year now but I think we’re just truly starting to establish our brand and place in the community with our brewing style.” Cole said. “We’ve listened to customers and their feedback has definitely shaped our brand culture and now it’s time to reflect that through our products.”


While some local breweries have focused their brand around music and local landmarks, “MAW”(as they say for short) is taking a more broad spectrum, focusing on history, culture, and people of the Midwest, primarily the Quad Cities.


“So far we’re the only brewery in East Moline so it’s important to us to accurately and respectfully represent where we live through our products. We want every customer that sits down on our patio, and eventually back in our tap room, to feel like a “regular” even if it’s their first visit. We thought the best way to start that relationship is to let our community name our flagship beer.” Cole continues.


“Classic Kolsch”, as it is currently called, has been the most popular beer since MAW began producing their own products. Now though a social media promotion on the brands Facebook page, you can submit your suggestion for the new name of this traditional light gold German inspired beer.


This contest will run through June 28th with the winning name being announced on the 97x radio “What’s Tappening” segment June 29th.

You can find their post here:


It has almost been a full year since we opened our doors. We’ve had some growing pains, some great times, some great...

Posted by Midwest Ale Works on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

They are currently open 3pm-9pm Tuesday-Thursday, Noon-10pm Friday-Sunday, and Closed on Mondays.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Glenn Cole at 618-971-3602, or email glenn@maw.beer.

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