A Catawba County teacher and athletic director has lost his job and his truck after giving his keys to a student and telling him to move it.

Catawba County Schools said Jason Oxentine, a teacher assistant and athletic director for Riverbend Middle School in North Carolina, asked a student to move his own personal vehicle on April 29th. He wanted the student to move the truck from the back of the school to the front.

While the student was driving the truck, they lost control and struck three parked school buses. The truck was totaled, district officials told WSOC.

The three buses damaged will cost approximately $6,750 to repair. Officials said two employees were on one of the buses at the time of the crash, but neither were hurt.

Oxentine was cited with a traffic citation for giving his keys to a minor, and then terminated by Catawba County Schools on Monday morning.

No other details have been released at this point.

Read more at WSOC

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