Mick Jagger has served as the singer for rock's most enduring and popular band for more than five decades.

You can see photos of Jagger from each year since 1962, one year before the Rolling Stones' first single was released, in the below gallery. You'll find many pics of Jagger with his bandmates and other famous collaborators from over the years.

Born on July 26, 1943, in Dartford, England, Michael Phillip Jagger was raised a block away from a slightly younger boy named Keith Richards. Although they weren't the closest of friends, they played together as children. "I can't remember when I didn't know him," Jagger told Rolling Stone in 1995.

When the Richards family moved to a new neighborhood, the guitarist and Jagger lost touch but developed similar passions for rock 'n' roll before they were fatefully reunited at a train station on Oct. 17, 1961. "The thing about Mick and my meeting was that he was carrying two albums with him – Rockin’ at the Hops by Chuck Berry and The Best of Muddy Waters," Richards explained in Keith Richards: The Unauthorized Biography. "I had only heard about Muddy up to that point.”

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An afternoon tea and listening session was quickly arranged, which led to Jagger inviting Richards to join his cover band, Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys.

The following year, they met drummer Charlie Watts and formed the Rolling Stones, their name drawn from one of the songs found on that Waters album Jagger was carrying when he was reacquainted with Richards.

Even though they've had their public spats, the three core members of the Stones have remained together ever since, releasing some of the most important and influential albums and songs of the rock era. They've also remained one of the few acts from any generation that can sell out any venue, no matter the size, they choose to play.

Mick Jagger Year by Year: Photos 1962-2023

The iconic lead singer has been turning heads for 60 years.

Gallery Credit: Ultimate Classic Rock Staff

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