JUNE 25, 2015 -Many years ago, sometime in the '80s, my aunt was a flight attendant for either Delta or Eastern. She would get celebrities on her flights from time to time. At one time she had to get Elizabeth Taylor out of the bathroom so that the plane could land.

On one flight Blue Öyster Cult was hitting on her and ended up giving her this lifetime all access backstage pass. My aunt was married and really had no idea who Blue Öyster Cult was, but she knew I was interested in going into radio so she gave me this pass.

I held onto the pass for almost 30 years and even though I've seen B.Ö.C. a handful of times, I never got the chance to use the pass. Fast forward to last weekend at Rally on the River, I grabbed the pass out of my box of good junk and headed down. The manager for the band remembered exactly what I was talking about when I asked about the pass. He recognized it right away and told me that some of the passes even had special stickers on them, my aunt's didn't.

I got to meet Eric Bloom and told him the story, all he said was: "Well, I can tell ya this. You're aunt must have been pretty hot. We only gave those out to chicks." Buck Dharma said the same thing, apparently there are a lot of flight attendants out there with these passes.

While the pass didn't score me any hook-ups with the band, I did get a picture with Buck Dharma. 

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