A video has gone viral of reality "star" Morgan Osman getting kicked off a plane, and swearing at other passengers as she leaves.  When she notices one of them is recording it on their phone, she says, "Film me, I'm Instagram famous."

Woman on American Airlines upset with plane passenger in Miami Florida
Woman on American Airlines upset with plane passenger in Miami Florida

Miami Florida

Morgan Osman, a popular reality star and social media influencer, has once again found herself at the center of controversy after being kicked off an American Airlines plane for causing a scene. This is not the first time Osman has been in trouble since gaining fame in 2013.

Osman has become an internet sensation, but for all the wrong reasons, as she was caught on camera shouting profanities at her fellow passengers before being forced to leave the plane.

Viral Video

In a now-viral 20-second video, Osman is seen wearing a skintight unitard, deeply engrossed in an argument with an unseen passenger as she grabs her belongings from an overhead bin. She tries to defend her behavior by insisting that she didn't do anything wrong and that she is famous on Instagram, much to the annoyance of her detractors.

What Is Going On!?

Osman, a passenger on a plane, was collecting her belongings from the overhead bin when another passenger called her a b***h.

"Call me a b***h again, Call me a b****h again, I did nothing wrong!" Osman said. 

She demanded that they not call her that again as she did nothing wrong. An argument ensued, and a man tried to intervene, but Osman told him to shut up as well.

"No you shut the f*** up! You shut the f*** up, and your b***h."

As she walked down the aisle, Osman realized that she had been filmed during the confrontation. She angrily shouted that she was Instagram famous and cursed at other passengers before presumably leaving the plane.

 "Film me – I’m Instagram famous, you f*****g bum."

The video has since gone viral, with many criticizing Osman for her entitled behavior and public meltdown.

How Is Morgan Osman Famous?

Since the video @officialmorganbritt has deleted her Instagram.

Upon observing Morgan's Instagram account, it is evident that Osman had an impressive 973K followers, before deleting her profile. She identifies herself as a designer based in Miami and LA.

Osman's rise to fame began in 2013 through her presence on social media and reality TV, where she showcased her rebellious persona. She has since leveraged this image to amass a considerable following on social media and potentially pursue other profitable endeavors. Alternatively, this may not be the case.

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