This meteorologist proposed to his girlfriend who is also a meteorologist, but he went and put a twister on it.

A pair of Kansas storm chasers who work with AccuWeather got engaged at the end of May, and their proposal is now going viral.

“I can’t really have a better word for this — but it was absolutely unreal,” Raya Maday said about her new engagement on Memorial Day.

She and her beau, Tom Bedard met at a meteorology conference back in 2016, and hit it off right away.

When the two eventually both got hired at the Wichita office for Accuweather, Tom handled emergency management while Raya forecasted severe weather.

Tom came up with the idea for the tornado proposal when he realized that while they both were weather freaks, neither had seen a tornado in person.

“Raya was thinking of chasing storms at about the same time,” Bedard told Daily Mail. “This was, oddly enough, an idea that we both had without letting the other know. I planned out the logistics of it with my close friend and fellow meteorologist Rich Putnam at the same that Raya was talking about it with Rich’s wife, Steph.”

Their opportunity to see a twister came up when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Storm Prediction Center issued a storm forecast for severe weather with a level 2 of 5, with five being the highest. It meant that there was a decent chance of seeing a tornado.

Tom was worried their trip might be a bust.

“We had already driven so far,” he said. “I was already anxious about taking us all the way to southeast Colorado on a slight-risk day and coming back without putting a ring on her finger . . . I thought ‘Oh God, no, we’re going to do all this travel for nothing."

Luckily for them, they were able to locate a tornado and Tom popped the question with it in the background.

“My mind was a mess in a rush of adrenaline just hoping that I could remember the speech that I had practiced and deliver it perfectly for her,” he said.

Unfortunately, they couldn't stay and bask in the moment for too long because the tornado started heading for where they were at.

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