A "cosmic meteorite" reported on Portmarnock Beach was not the once-in-a-lifetime meteorological event that the local news thought it was, but was actually the leftovers of a small group of dudes hanging out at the beach over the weekend.

Virgin Media News reported on the “out of this world” hole discovered on the beach. The reporter said, "It’s a huge mysterious crater that looks out of this world, but is it? The hole soon caught the attention of passersby, many hoping what they’re witnessing is a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.”

Virgin News talked with a local astrophysics enthusiast, named Dave Kennedy, who was "certain" that a rock inside the hole was an asteroid that "came from above."

“As you can tell here, there's a scorch mark on this side here, so that would have been at the angle that it came down at. It is weighty. I'm not sure of its composition but we're definitely going to have to find out," Dave told the reporter.

Virgin News
Virgin News

“Only about a month ago I was watching a documentary from NASA on exactly what you're looking at behind you, so when I looked at it and saw how uniform it is, I knew immediately that what I was looking at is an impact site.”

The morning after the report, Charlie Wallace shared a video of the true cause; he and his buddies digging a giant hole on the beach - because what else are a bunch of adult men going to do at the beach?

JoeDotie via TikTok
JoeDotie via TikTok

"Absolutely mortified for him," user aa wrote on Tiktok.

Skip wrote, "Dave will never live this down."

Check out the news report here, it comes after the video of the hole being dug:

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