Police in Green Bay, WI, were called to a disturbance along a roadway a few hours after the end of a Packers Game. Upon arriving, they found an extremely intoxicated duo who had swollen eyes, bruises, and  bloody clothes.

Alan Huschka and Brian Heywood attended the game where they began drinking, then decided to continue at a nearby bar. Riding in Alan's SUV, the two began discussing TV shows, and came to a disagreement about the lore surrounding the CBS series "How I Met Your Mother." Alan then began punching Brian in the neck, and they got out of the car. Brian said he tried to keep the peace and stop Alan's behavior, then started waving down vehicles for help, according to the criminal report.

Rock County Circuit Court
Rock County Circuit Court

Alan was arrested for driving under the influence. After checking out his priors, it was found to be his fourth OUI charge, making it up to a felony charge. He was released on a $3000 bail Monday. A judge has ordered him to maintain "absolute sobriety" and is not permitted to drive any motor vehicles.

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