If your ears and psyche have been too long without an assault, here's your personal invitation to come see (the) Melvins at the Raccoon Motel in Davenport on July 6th with Helms Alee and Harsh Mellow.

Melvins formed in the 80's their brand of pounding metal, and existed on the fringes of popular music, all the while influencing a generation of musicians who would later pour out of Seattle.

They were signed to Atlantic Records in 1993 with a blessing from Kurt Cobain, and have been churning out their sour patch kids metal for 40 years.

Come to the show at the Raccoon Motel for an unforgettable night, but bring an extra face, since your first will surely melt off.

Melvins were signed in 1993, and have cranked out a crap load of music ever since, releasing new music almost every year.

According to their Wikipedia page, there have been nearly 30 releases, with some years seeing two releases.

The band's name comes from a supervisor at the Thriftway in Washington where lead vocalist Buzz Osborne worked as a clerk. Melvin wasn't liked by other employees, and the group decided that it was an appropriately ridiculous name.

Tickets for the show at Racoon Motel will be available on the venue's website, when they go on sale.

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