After being parked in the New Mexico desert for nearly 40 years, the King of Rock and Roll's 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar sold at auction last month for $238,000, on what would have been the King's 88th birthday.

Priscilla Presley even showed up to the Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car auction in Florida on January 8th for the event and spoke to the crowd, telling them how much Elvis loved collecting cars and planes.

Bidding began at $100,000, and slowly climbed in price until it topped out at it's final price of $260,000.

According to the auction site, Elvis bought the plane December 22nd, 1976, for $840,000.

It turns out, that the original buyer of $260,000 defaulted on the bid, so it went to the next highest bidder of $234,000 - to a YouTuber who restores planes for his channel.

Jimmys World is the name of the channel, and he has begun to question whether or not his purchase was a good enough deal.

During an interview with us, Jimmy said he will restore this plane and will be taking it on a cross-country tour for air shows, displays for Elvis and more, and he said he'd even love to bring it to Las Vegas so those who would want to could get married in the plane.

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