This is a Throwback Thursday post that i wish wasn't. I wish Z-man were still around, telling his stories and buying me beers somewhere.

When I came to the Quad Cities in 1990, there were only a handful of people who I cared to listen to. I was 24 and knew it all already (wish i STILL did.) So in addition to Billy Michaels, Guy Perry (our former Program Director and current afternoon host here on the X) was about it.

Then the X hired a guy for nights who, be sheer coincidence, I ran into one evening at the station. See, us morning guys rarely if ever are still, or back, at the radio station at night. But I introduced myself and immediately took a liking to Z-man. In addition to both being Bears fans, we both liked to tell stories, and make other people laugh. "Z" did it naturally--a soft-spoken guy who always had a contagious smile on his face. He told me about growing up, working in Sterling/Rock Falls and going to concerts.

He knew so much more about radio than I did, and how to treat people in a way that made them open to suggestion. A skill I had yet to master. We started hanging out together, and I enjoyed his company. A fews beers, a few laughs, all the while I never realized that I was learning from him.

Z died from the dreaded cancer a few years ago, but if that didn't get him, certainly something else would've. He was pretty philosophical about that.


He lived with all his heart, and was a friend the same way, and had no regrets. I hope someone can say that about me someday.

Miss You, Z.