Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, population 430, is going through their mayoral election season.

This is an important election for Rabbit Hash, because they have to do their research. There are 17 candidates for mayor. 13 dogs, a donkey, a rooster, a dead cat, and a human are all in the running to take control of the town.

The community held a mayoral election 22 years ago, and a dog has been in office all 22 years.

Campaign money ins't going to the dogs or their campaigns, but is a fundraiser for the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. The money will be used for repairs, electric bills, and insurance costs.

Voters say it's a good distraction from the "real elections," but I feel like everyone should do their research on the candidates to make sure those dogs (or dead cat) have policy plans that they agree with.

“It’s a wonderful distraction. It’s a good cause. We are having so much fun with it,” Rabbit Hash Historical Society treasurer, Stacy Seligman Staat, said. “Making lots of inside jokes, making lots of cracks and just basically trying to pretend like Rabbit Hash is a different place where people can have fun and forget about our troubles.”


“It’s a very good distraction. It’s in no way political. Even though it’s running for mayor but it’s fun,” Preston said. “It raises money for a good cause and whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. It’s about the dogs.”

The town hopes to raise about $50,000, and is already at $11,000.

The incumbent is running for reelection, but is currently trailing behind other candidates in the polls.

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