We have a bit of an issue here at the radio station. I don't know if you've noticed...but DJ's aren't the healthiest of breeds.  We don't have what one may call a "clean diet". The only Paleo we've heard of is our janitor, Pale Leo. Come to think of it, he eats better than most of the staff.

So, couple the poor eating habits and alcohol ingestion with a bathroom with no exhaust fan, and thing tend to get a little funky.  I usually remedy the situation by opening the window as far as it will go, which is great during warm weather...but as winter approaches, isn't always the greatest of ideas.

Enter The Odorless!!  These geniuses...these heroes have come up with a way to make sure the smell of last nights IPA & Funyons disappear with no one, your boss, wife, client, no one being the wiser!!

Bring on the chili!!!!!