Nat Ellis had originally planned on selling his 25-year-old toy collection for his retirement, but when he heard the story of 4-year-old Logan Roninger, he got a better idea.

Logan has been battling spinal muscular atrophy almost his entire life, has been in a wheelchair since he was two, and will most likely be in one for the rest of his life. His parents have been fundraising to buy Logan a new chair, a more powerful one that can go off road. They were able to raise $11,000, a bit short of the $17,000 price tag.

That's when Nat Ellis comes in with his Happy Meal toy collection spanning 25 years and has 1,139 items. Ellis was able to sell off his collection on eBay to help raise money for Logan, the original buyer donated the collection back to Ellis so that he could put it back up for auction and raise more money.

Check out the toy auction on eBay.

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