In 2019, a tip was called in about Flagstaff massage parlors accepting money for sex acts. Two Flagstaff police officers went undercover to the massage parlors and allowed themselves to be fondled eight different times by the staff. In the state of Arizona, this is clearly outlined as illegal but it was approved by federal agents and Flagstaff command staff.


The Flagstaff police department and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) have been conducting a joint investigation for months, as they suspected human trafficking, sex trafficking, and prostitution within the parlors.

Two officers shared their experience of getting fully naked and fondled during the investigation.

Officer Dustin Eberhardt remembers the 'confusion' from his first undercover massage. "I didn't know where to stop it."

“I was like, ‘Well, do you want me to take them off?’ And so she was like, ‘Well, your comfort – if you want them off or you don't want oil on them.’ There was kind of some confusion on that, so I ended up taking them off because that's what I felt like the suggestion was from her. As soon as I got aroused, that's when I immediately started asking about the money and how much. And like I said, I've never done one of these, so I was fairly nervous and I didn't know where to stop it. So I was trying to stop it quickly.”

Over the next 48 hours of the investigation, Eberhardt allowed different women to touch him seven more times over the next 48 hours.

The next part of the investigation was to see if the massage places would accept debit cards for the acts. Three months after Officer Eberhardt's encounter, Officer Hutchinson went into five of the same massage parlors and did the same thing Eberhardt did.

There are arguments on how officers are able to do this without getting in trouble. The law clearly states It is illegal to exchange money for sex acts while on duty.

Attorneys, trafficking experts, and other law enforcement told ABC15 there are a lot of issues with this "investigation." Here's why:

  1. Everything the officer just admitted to is illegal.
  2. Experts say it wasn't necessary to make the prostitution case.
  3. In their reports, investigators repeatedly say they are looking into sex trafficking, then proceed to pay for sex acts from potential victims.

Attorneys and officers are in disagreement on who the victim is in this case, as both the parlor and officers engaged in this illegal sex act.

Read More Details Here: ABC15

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