The MCU has captivated the world with its unique brand of superhero action and complex storytelling, and now you can flex your knowledge of all things Marvel at a Marvel trivia night, Thursday at Unimpaired Dry Bar! Whether you’re the kind of fan who knows everything about the Infinity Stones or just someone who’s eager to learn more about the mind-blowing twists and turns of Iron Man, Black Panther, or Thor—Marvel trivia night will provide hours of entertainment and exciting prizes for you and your friends. So grab your favorite Marvel fanatics and prepare to put your knowledge to the test!

History of Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is a comic book brand created by Marvel Publishing. It was once an independent company, but has since been acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2009. Though it was originally published under Marvel Comics in 1961, today most of its characters are published under Marvel Entertainment and sometimes even under a different brand altogether (e.g., Star Wars comics were published under Lucasfilm). Notable characters include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and The Avengers.

What is your favorite marvel movie

From Iron Man to Doctor Strange, what's your favorite?  Oddly enough I found myself enjoying my least favorite marvel superhero.  Captain America's movies have gotten me excited about the MCU in a way I didn't expect.

Time To compete!

Can you name each of characters' superpowers? Will you be able to accurately assess what it takes to become a superhero, or will you be overwhelmed by all of those Disney plus series you binge-watched last winter break? Prove that you know more than your friends about Marvel's comic universe.  Pro tip: Team up with your friend who has some great knowledge of some of Marvel's most beloved characters.


Marvel Trivia is happening Thursday, August 19th, 2021 at Unimpaired Dry Bar in Davenport.

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