A man from Columbus Ohio ordered food through DoorDash, little did he know his meal would come with a side of marijuana.

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As the DoorDash customer got to the bottom of his delivery bag he found a fork and a bag of weed.

The customer who remains anonymous said, “I was scared at first, but then again, I wasn’t very surprised.”

When the driver realized he had just given his weed to the customer he turned around and went back to the house. He asked for the weed back by saying it was a bag of medicine for his friend.

The customer did not give the bag back. Instead, he called the police and made a complaint to DoorDash.

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“I’m a healthcare worker and see how this affects people daily. I even had a close friend’s nephew pass away due to smoking some marijuana laced by fentanyl,” he said.

The customer worried about what would have happened if this bag of pot was delivered to someone else, ending up in the wrong hands.

“I question everything now. I question the company’s background checks. Do they really know the people who are working for them?” he said.


According to DoorDash’s website, the company runs motor vehicle and criminal background checks on all drivers.

Columbus police said they are investigating the incident, and it was the first time they’d heard of drugs being discovered in a bag of delivered food.

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Ohio, but possession is not always criminal. If you are caught in possession of less than 100 grams (about 3.5 ounces), it is considered a minor misdemeanor and you can face a $150 fine.

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