Bradford Gauthier from Worcester, Massachusetts woke up last week to go out and shovel snow, and worked up a thirst. When he came inside to get a drink, he couldn't swallow it.

He said he had to tip his head forward to drain the water out of his throat, which was when he realized something had to be stuck in his esophagus, but didn't remember swallowing anything he shouldn't have.

Bradford's son pointed out that when Brad was going out to shovel, he couldn't remember where one of his AirPods went, and joked that he swallowed it.

Brad decided to go get checked out, and an X-ray clearly showed the AirPod was stuck in the lower part of his esophagus.

Doctor's performed an emergency endoscopy, and removed the ear bud, which Bradford says still works, but the microphone is iffy.

He's warning others who sleep with the AirPods that they could do the same thing without even realizing it.

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