The manager of a Carlie C's grocery store in Dunn, North Carolina told WRAL that a man stole a Frito-Lay truck and then sped away, leading law enforcement officers on a chase lasting nearly 100 miles.

According to the manager, the chip truck was stolen out of the parking lot of the grocery store around 7:30am Friday.

Arrik Schmidt, the suspect accused by officers of stealing the truck, led state troopers on a chase through Johnston County.

WRAL reports that the chip truck wasn't his first choice for a ride.

The manager of a nearby dealership next door, Stephen Jackson, told the news outlet that Schmidt had offered to purchase a Lincoln Navigator, in exchange for a song.

"He asked if he could rap good enough would I give him the Navigator," Jackson told WRAL.

Obviously, that didn't fly in exchange for a Navigator, but Jackson said that Schmidt came by later that day.

"He said, 'Well let me make some moves tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow and see what we can do,'" Jackson said. "That’s kind of where we left off."

That next morning, Schmidt stole the Lays Truck next door.

Deputies pursued Schmidt and the chip truck until they were three counties north of where the truck was stolen. Police put down stop sticks on the interstate to take out the tires on the truck.

Arrik Schmidt was charged with felony larceny of a motor vehicle in Dunn, but is also facing charges in Johnston County for the chase. As of Friday, he was sitting in the Harnett County jail.

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