There's people who think quick, but then there's people who have thought through scenarios to have a plan for whatever they can think of. This guy falls into the second category.

The video shows he has nearly an instant reaction, pulling the nozzle out of his car and spraying the robbers, their van, the inside of their van. It's like 11 seconds of spraying gas into that guys van.

Most pumps pump at about 13 gallons per minute, so 11 seconds is somewhere in the ballpark of about 2 gallons of gas he sprayed all over the inside of their van. If someone rubs the carpet wrong, that thing is going up.


Quick reaction, and potentially making them easier to identify.

Our experiment showed that in 11 seconds, the pump pumps about 1.04 gallons with current prices amounting to about $2.40. As listeners pointed out to us, the pump handle is green, signifying that it's diesel, so the price would go up a bit, but still not bad to spend less than $3 on safety.

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