Video surfaced this weekend of the moment a bobcat attacked a couple in North Carolina, as well as the 911 call following it. Honestly, it's the most epic video I've seen in awhile.

The couple was getting ready to leave their house in Pender County, and the surveillance footage shows the man is holding what appears to be a cake.

"I need to wash my car," the man comments to his wife. She walks onto frame holding a pet carrier, but it's then that you hear the howl of the bobcat.

The man's wife screams as she's attacked by the animal, and he hauls it around the car to save the day.

In a purely badass moment, the husband picks the bobcat up with his bare hands and holds it as he walks into the yard, trying to identify what the SOB was.

A neighbor runs up to help, but he tells her to get back as he draws his concealed carry gun.

"Watch out!" He shouted to his neighbor, "I'm gonna shoot that f*cker! It's a bobcat, it just attacked my wife."

Luckily for us, the 911 call is floating around out there now as well, in which the neighbor called for medical attention for the wife and help dealing with the animal.

"He's standing there with a gun," the neighbor told dispatchers about the man. "If he can shoot it, he will. Of course, there's not anybody around, he can't hurt nobody else."

"Homeowner has a gun, if it moves he's gonna shoot it," the dispatcher can be heard informing officers.

Then, a gunshot sound, to which the dispatcher replies "Ope, I think he just did."

TMZ reported that the animal was confirmed to be rabid (obviously) and that the man and his wife were treated preventatively for rabies, as well as injuries sustained by the bobcat.

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