Mike Antonietti taught his eight-year-old Husky-German Shepard-cross, Warwick, how to sit, lay down, and play dead when he was a puppy, but now he's proven you can teach an old dog new tricks.

After some trial and error, and being brought a bag of cheese by accident, Mike trained Warwick the ultimate party trick; a dog that does beer retrieval.

He retrieves the beer by pulling a rope tied around the handle of the refrigerator, and when he grabs the can, he knows not to bite too hard or the can will burst.

If anyone so much as mentions the word 'Beer,' Warwick is on his way back with a beer.

Mike says it took two weeks before he finally got it right, and then another 3 months to master.

He explained, "I give him almost purely a verbal command for it, but he can do it from a hand symbol and if you shake an empty can he gets the idea. He gets pretty excited about it too - he gets a treat, but knows that people get just as excited as he does."

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