How dumb do you have to be to steal a rare coin collection and then say something like, "Hey, look at this quarter from 1843. Just 50 more of these and I can buy myself some Miller High Life"?

There's a 40-year-old guy named Shane Mele from Riviera Beach, Florida, and back in December, he broke into his boss's office, and stole the guy's rare coin collection. It was worth about $33,000.

Then Shane took the coins to a Coinstar machine, and cashed them in at face value. And he got enough store credit to buy two 12-packs of beer. So yeah, he turned $33,000 in coins into roughly $30.

He was just arrested for grand theft. But unfortunately, the cops haven't been able to recover the missing coins.

Palm Beach County Jail
Palm Beach County Jail

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