If you need to do something this elaborate just to break up with your significant other, they're definitely better off without you.

30-year-old Michael Boulton from Gladstone, Australia was in court last week after his insane breakup plan fell apart.

Michael and his girlfriend went on vacation together at the end of August, and he dumped her while they were away. But he knew it would be tough when they got back to their home and she had to move out.


So he hired someone for $150 to break into their house while they were away and steal all of her stuff. I guess he figured that would get her out quicker.

But the cops quickly figured out what happened when they got back and she reported the robbery. Michael was arrested and he pleaded guilty to one count of stealing. He got 12 months of probation, plus he has to pay his ex-girlfriend $675 in damages.

Read more at Gladstone Observer.

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