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In a crime that absolutely doesn't fit the times in which we live, a man in Germany died after he got into a fight with his newspaper delivery man.

The background: the 51-year-old customer often engaged in some verbal sparring with the delivery man, 42, because the paper didn't show up at his home when he wanted it (yet another reason to get your news online). The two got into an argument again this past weekend and the delivery man apparently had had enough because he whipped out a knife and stabbed the man.

A relative of the victim saw what happened and called authorities, who arrested the delivery man. The customer, meanwhile, was rushed to the hospital where he died.

It's a horrible story and the suspect is clearly in for a load of trouble, but it doesn't sound like he was the next Bill Gates or anything. He's a 42-year-old delivering newspapers. He's a grown man working in a business for 12-year-olds that peaked in 1995.

It's not exactly the most socially respectable occupation. Heck, there was even a sitcom about it. Remember Get a Life?

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