This guy heard pirate stories when he was a kid and took them to heart. Just like a modern day buried treasure, this festival attendee hid his precious booty until the time was right.

Identified only as Alex, one New Yorker decided that he was going to smuggle a bottle of vodka into the Electric Zoo music festival. To avoid security, he buried the booze three weeks before the event was setup. Then using Google Maps as an electronic treasure map, dug up it up.

Alex had been going to the festival for over four years, so he was familiar with how things went. He and his friends marked a spot on Google Maps and kept track of it.

The hard part was actually digging the vodka back up and not getting caught by security or CCTV. The group huddled around the X on their map, did a double take, and then set to retrieving the booty. In about ten minutes they had their booze and were ready to party.


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