One of the most annoying things in life is when your smoke detector goes off while you're cooking. It's a whole process trying to shut it up, I guess you could just try this.

68-year-old Leroy Mason was cooking at his apartment in Barton, Vermont on Monday when his smoke detector went off. Apparently it had been happening a lot, and he'd already tried to get someone from the fire department to come move it for him. For whatever reason, they said no.

Leroy couldn't deal with the beeping anymore.

So he solved the issue by destroying it with two blasts from a shotgun. Then one of his neighbors called the cops after one of the blasts hit an adjoining wall.

Police showed up and took the shotgun from him. Then Leroy pulled out a Colt 45 and threatened to shoot them if they didn't give it back. They tackled him and got him into custody. Luckily no one was hurt. Leroy's facing charges for aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

Barton Police Department
Barton Police Department

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