We've got to be nearing the end of the times when we have to appear in court over Zoom. People didn't follow the law, so why would they act right on a video call? It seems weekly there's a story of someone acting dumb in court.

A new video clipped from St. Joseph County District Court in Michigan shows what happens when you screw around in court before you even show up.

The clip starts as the judge decides to make an example out of a guy with a goofy name.

“Then we will bring this fool in,” Chief Judge Jeffrey Middleton says as the man appears on the Zoom screen. “Good morning sir, what’s your name?”

“Nathaniel Saxton, sir,” the man responds.

“Your name is not Buttfucker 3000?” Middleton asks. “Logging into my court with that as your screen name, what kind of idiot logs into court like that? What’s your name again?”

“Nathaniel Saxton, sir, but I don’t believe that I typed anything like that in," Saxon responded.

"Well that's what it says," Middleton says.

This isn't Judge Middleton's first time making headlines with his court. You may remember the story from a few months ago when court officials realized that a woman was in the same house as her abuser.

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