44 years ago, Bob Sportal bought a '57 Chevy pickup for $75 from a retiring farmer. He used the truck to drive back and forth to his job at the Prinsburg, MN grain elevator.

38 years later, Bob retired, and drove home from work the last time in the same '57 Chevy. He could still be seen driving it around until recently, when he decided it was finally time to sell the rust hole filled truck with duct tape upholstery.

The buyer, Tom Leenstra, is the grandson of the late John VanDerVeen, also known as the original owner of the truck.

Tom said he had been pestering Bob for years to sell the truck to him, because it was a piece of his grandfather. Bob's wife, Kathy, kept asking him when he'd sell it too, saying she didn't trust it.

"It's getting more and more worn out. The brakes aren't working very well. The grand-kids want a ride and what if the door pops open,” Kathy said.

Bob sold Tom the truck for $75, the same price he paid for it 44 years ago. Talk about keeping value!

“It’s what I paid for it, so that’s what I’m going to sell if for,” Bob said. “It’s going in the family, so that’s the most important thing.”

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