Police in Ohio were called to a disturbance in a home Sunday afternoon, where they found a victim with a swollen eye.

When they asked him what happened, he said his brother, Gregory Rarey, stopped over with some exciting news. He told everyone he was entering "America's Got Talent."

The victim and family told Greg they weren't going to cover the cost for him to get to the show. He got upset and left.

Eventually, Greg came back and started yelling that they weren't supporting his dreams. He started punching the victim in the head and face.

The two began struggling, then the victim bit Gregory's arm and put in a choke hold until he went to sleep. Police were then called.

Rarey woke up and left before police arrived, but they apprehended him a few blocks from the house.

Police said during his arrest, Gregory admitted to punching his brother before being bitten and choked. He said they fought because he asked for a ride from his brother.

They also said during his arrest, Greg made threats to kill his brother if he filed charges because he wouldn't be able to audition for America's Got Talent. He threatened to slit his brother's throat.

Gregory Rarey was taken to jail on charges of domestic violence and aggravated menacing.

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