26-year-old Dustin Hinkle in Denver was making a parkour video with some friends last Thursday. They were filming on the roof of a building when he tried to drop down onto a chimney that had a cover on it.

It turned out he was too heavy, so the cover broke, he dropped into the chimney and fell about 40 feet. Hinkle ended up getting caught on some sort of cable that was inside the chimney. Otherwise he would have hit the ground and died.

It took firefighters about two hours to get him out. He ended up with some pretty nasty cuts on his face, but they checked him out at a hospital and released him.

He didn't get to go home though. The cops took him from the hospital to jail and booked him for trespassing. His two friends who were with him also got arrested.

Denver Police Department
Denver Police Department

Dustin talked to a reporter while he was still in jail. He said he feels lucky to be alive, and he's decided not to do parkour on rooftops from now on.

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