24-year-old James Hubert is a student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. His nickname is 007, but unfortunately, James Hubert is no James Bond.

He went to a sorority party earlier this month, then disappeared. He was missing for two days until his friends realized his date had left her iPhone in his jacket and they tracked it with the "Find My iPhone" app. They found James next to some train tracks, face down in the dirt, and covered in blood.

When they asked him what happened, his story kept changing. It started with him saying a homeless guy jumped him, then he changed it to a group of people jumping him, then he switched it to being hit by a train.

What really happened? Apparently he tried to live up to his James Bond nickname by trying to jump onto a moving train, but he fell off and was too hurt to move. The cops have surveillance footage of the jump. It's possible that he could face criminal charges for lying about being mugged. For now he's just recovering in the hospital.

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