There's an unconfirmed report that apparently started on Chinese social media claiming that a guy in China was struck by lightning twice last month.

Extremely Unlucky

In a stroke of incredible luck, a Chinese man named Liu Nan managed to survive being struck by lightning twice within a span of just five minutes.

Statistically speaking, the chances of someone being hit by lightning during their lifetime are relatively low, let alone getting struck twice.

Where Did This Happen?


Liu Nan was outside his home in Zunyi, located in China's Guizhou Province when he was first struck by lightning and lost consciousness. Before he could even process what had happened, he was struck a second time and knocked out once more.

Harsh Injuries

Upon waking up, Liu saw his terrified wife and children and quickly realized he needed medical attention. He was taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered third-degree burns on his feet, waist, and buttocks.


While he's fortunate to be alive, his injuries still require medical attention even a month after the incident. Lightning strikes can cause devastating damage to the skin, and Liu's case is no exception.

“I was knocked out immediately at the time, and it took a few moments for me to wake up,” Liu said. “Then the light came again, and the lightning struck down as I was lying on the ground. Although I was aware of being electrocuted, I didn’t know that the entire ground was also electrified.”



Despite the long road ahead, he can consider himself incredibly lucky to have survived such a freak occurrence.

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