You mean to tell me that actions have consequences? Who knew?

A defendant upset about his sentence ended up with more prison time following his outburst in Lake County Common Pleas Court in Ohio.

Manson M. Bryant, 32, of Painesville, appeared in court on March 1 for sentencing on charges of aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. Video of the hearing was released on Tuesday.

Manson's rap sheet is about a mile long, with charges going back 20 years. He was on parole when he committed his latest crime was a felony home invasion, and he was expected to get 22 a "light sentence" of 22 years because the defendant had been showing remorse.

When Judge Eugene Lucci revealed the sentence, Bryant stood up and began shouting, "F**k your courtroom, you racist a** b*tch! F**k your courtroom! F**k your courtroom, man. You racist as f**k. Twenty-two f**king years? Racist a** b*tch. You ain’t sh*t.”

Deputies in the courtroom restrained Bryant and moved him away from the judge, but he continued to yell. That prompted Lucci to add six more years, and Bryant will now spend 28 years behind bars.
**NSFW: Censored Profanity**

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