We see a lot of stories about people showing up at the E.R. after they jam weird stuff in their no-go hole. But this guy wins some sort of prize, you know it's bad when doctors can't get it back out.

A married guy in his early 30s recently showed up at a hospital near Hong Kong after he got a drinking glass stuck up there.

It looks like a lowball glass, like what you'd serve an Old Fashioned in. It was about 3 inches in diameter, 3 inches tall, and he waited two days before he finally went to the hospital for help.

He wouldn't tell them how it got there, it's not really the kind of thing that happens by accident.

Doctors initially tried to get it out the way it came in, but it was too slippery. They were worried it might shatter if they forced it. A surgeon had to go in through his abdomen instead.

There's a photo of the glass after they removed it, and it looks like part of it did chip while it was in there. He had to be admitted while he recovered from the surgery, but luckily he's okay.


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