As we all know, Popeye's Chicken Sandwich has been sought after since it disappeared from menus earlier this year, to reappear recently and for a more permanent stay.

Jeremy Merdinger was halfway through his sandwich when a half smoked joint fell out of it and onto his lap. He said that the joint was not a cigarette, but 100% marijuana, and that he has it at home in a plastic bag. After emailing the store and getting no response, he did what he does best, and took to Twitter. Turns out Jeremy works for a social media influence firm, so his boss enlisted his friends to help get the word out there.


Merdinger says that he was hoping to receive an apology or a refund. They told him that because the incident happened outside, there wasn't anything the could do.

The Popeye's Chicken Sandwich has created quite the media stir, from people posting videos of them trying the new sandwich to a few not so pleasant encounters. Since the sandwich came back, it has been the center of a stabbing at a Popeye's restaurant and the epicenter of a few viral videos, including one of a car trying to cut in line and damaging their vehicle.

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