The driver of a white SUV faces charges after driving at speeds of up to 70 mph along the Massachusetts Turnpike with a 65-year-old man hanging onto the hood of the vehicle, state police said. The man on the hood was also arrested in connection with the incident.

After a minor sideswipe the two pulled off the road to exchange insurance information. It was there that the two got into some sort of argument over the incident, and that's when the 37-year-old, Mark Fitzgerald, started to drive away. That is when the man, Richard Kamrowski leaped into action and jumped on the hood of the SUV.

In the video below you see that the SUV was only stopped when another driver pulled out a gun and forced Fitzgerald to stop.

Fitzgerald faces charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent driving and leaving the scene of an accident involving property damage. Kamrowski was charged with disorderly conduct. The driver with the gun was not charged.

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