It's really hard not to stereotype this guy, but come on! He's 42-years-old, lives at home with his mom, AND he has a huge collection of lightsabers.

The police in Dubois, Pennsylvania responded to a call from Joan Vargas a few weeks ago. When they got there, they found the 75-year-old had cuts on her head and wrist.

The woman told the cops that it was because her son Andrew had attacked her with one of his light sabers. She wasn't sure why the 42-year-old attacked her, but her son denied it and said his mom had hit herself with the lightsaber.

Andrew was arrested for misdemeanor assault and harassment. Hopefully he hasn't tarnished the names of 42-year-olds who live at home and who like collecting "Star Wars" stuff.

Read more at The Smoking Gun.

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