An El Paso World War II veteran celebrated his 100th birthday with family and friends on Tuesday.

The birthday boy, Ruben B. Salcido, was asked what the secret is to living a long and happy life. Salcido replied, "I don't know." His granddaughter suggested "tequila," to which Salcido agreed.

Salcido's family members flew in from far away states such as California and Florida to attend the special celebration. The party contained musicians, dancing, catered food, and memory sharing from the family.

Salcido's children said that one of the most notable memories they recall is watching him work on Volkswagen cars. Cars would fill the yard outside their home and he would always fix his friend's cars.

"My grandpa has taught us so many things like fishing and playing the music, guitar, singing, working on the we're celebrating him," said Salcido's granddaughter Analisa Cordova Silverstein.."  (CBS4Local)

Salcido and his wife have been married for 75 years, this year they celebrated their 76th Valentine's day together. His wife told CBS4Local, "He has always been a provider for us. We have had a really good time with him. To date, he continues to provide for us."

Ruben Salcido and his wife (CBS4)
Ruben Salcido and his wife (CBS4)

Salcido is the youngest and only living sibling of his family of 13. He has 6 children, 14 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.

Salcido received an exciting honor on his birthday, he was recognized by former President Bill Clinton who inducted him into the Democratic Party Hall of Fame.

He also received a Superior Service Award from the Department of the Army for his superior manner.

Read more here: CBS4Local.


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