A man accused of doing some unsavory things to himself in public was arrested in Dearborn Heights, Michigan last Sunday, and you won't believe what he had on him at the time.

Police say the 45-year-old Dearborn Heights man is one of three men who were seen masturbating in public within one week, but he was the only one who was still around when police arrived on the scene.

When police arrested him, they said the only things he had on his person were methamphetamine and a cucumber. Police didn't specify if either was related to the masturbation incident, but our imaginations can tell us they both, unfortunately, were very involved.

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One of the other incidents police told the public about happened on October 1st, when a man was caught masturbating on video in a blue Honda CRV in the parking lot of OW Best Middle School. He opened the car door to reveal that he was fully nude, according to MLive. On Monday, October 2nd, in a separate incident, a man was seen masturbating while fully nude with the car door open at Hines Park.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Police said they're investigating whether this is a new trend or possibly even some kind of a social media challenge - but I wouldn't expect that one to go very viral anytime soon.

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