When the temperatures reach single digits, it's easy for the wind to make it feel like double digits below zero, and Chicagoans know this better than most.

Robert Magiet knows the cold is dangerous, but as a restaurant owner, he realizes the need to remain open to make ends meet.

Robert has made it his goal to leave his restaurant, TaKorea Cocina, to walk the street, and buy out every tamale vendor in his neighborhood, so they can go home early, and not risk the cold all day.

With prices of around $16 a dozen, he walked to multiple vendors, buying 15 dozens from each of them.

"What's great is when we visit vendors for a second time and seeing how excited they are knowing they are about to get bought out and get to go home," he said.
So what do you do with hundreds of tamales?
Robert takes his newly purchased tamales and drops them off at the different Love Fridges in the area, so that they can feed those needing a meal, as well as the homeless.
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